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Decade shift edition

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Why taking part

November 26th: world-wide polycentric event, online
November 27th: live sense-making and learning, Milan (Italy)

Join us. Here go some reasons for you:

✔︎ Explore the multiple streams of disruption at play in the current decade shift, to understand their implications. 
✔︎ Make-sense together through real-life stories and cases, to sense what is emerging and understand what we want to do about it. 
✔︎ Learn about approaches, practices and tools to support you in the path you’ll choose to walk with your organization, in your unique journey within this shared landscape.


On November 26th, for 24 hours organizers from all over the world will each generate their “beat” events, shaping a co-created “music” about this decade shift.

Indeed, the Choice Conference 2021 is a system of local events around the world. Each of them freely organized and globally visible as a local “Beat”.

People that care about shaping a better future will gather around the globe to explore this decade shift, interwoven in a unique time-span and forming a global narrative.


On the 27th we will be in Milan to present the content produced in the previous day, to make sense of what is emerging, and to share pragmatic ways of navigating the decade shift.

In fact, two workshops will be held for those who want to learn with us about effective approaches and techniques that can be applied in their own real-life contexts

Way more than just learning content, the day of Nov 27th will be the beginning of a far reaching  reflection about the future of your own organization.


See what happened in the previous edition

What is #theCC21 about?

A new decade has just begun. 

What is awaiting us? How has work been changed? How have we been changed? 

Two years have passed since The Choice Conference 2019. 

Back then, we understood that in order for organizations to survive in the coming decade, and for our civilization to thrive in this era of Transition, new choices needed to come, as well as new practices and new possible futures. 

2020 only made this feeling stronger. And it also changed everything.

The new edition #theCC21 is now here for this. 


On November 26th, for 24 hours organizers from all over the world will each generate their local “Beat” events, shaping a co-created “music” about this decade shift.

People that care about shaping a better future will gather around the globe to explore this decade shift, interwoven in a unique time-span and forming a global narrative.

If you want to organize a local Beat, or if you want to join one organized in your area, follow the red button “HOST OR JOIN A BEAT”.



The Venue

The live event of Nov 27th will take place in Milan, hosted by Impact Hub, at the following address:

Via Aosta, 4, 20155 Milano

Scroll down this page a little more and you’ll also find a map we have included for you.

The morning of Nov 27th will be dedicated to gathering and organizing what has emerged in the previous day. We will also spread it online and through valuable media: if you are a journalist, blogger, or other media professional, please contact us.

Moreover, we’ll be preparing all that is needed to spend an unforgettable afternoon in presence with you.

14:30 - 16:00

The first part of the afternoon will be spent in a plenary space, to meet each other and start the exploration.

We’ll project the premiere of the short movie “HAPPEN” on the decade shift, by Cocoon Pro.

And we’ll present the results of the broad narrative that has emerged from the Beat events from all around the world. In this decade shift, what are we leaving behind? What do we see coming? How will it change us?

With all of this in our hearts and brains, sleeves up and off we go for the workshops:

16:00 - 19:00


Organizing for variability and uncertainty

Learn about overcoming the rigidity of last-century bureaucratic organizational design, and balancing adaptivity an stability in this new decade.

Supported languages:
English, Italian, Spanish

We need organisations that are able to cope with increasing amounts of unrelenting change, while keeping a clear strategic direction.

Achieving this is about allowing people to arrange the way they work together according to the needs of the situation. This is key for the maximum expressions of our ancient capability of dealing with complexity and variability as a unique whole. But how can it be achieved?

Having the formal structure as a dynamic support instead of a burden in our way, is what Adaptive Organisation Design is all about. 

We will explore both a different and better way to look at organizing, and the pragmatism of stories and practices.

What to do on day one? Who to engage, and why? What are the key choices to make?

This workshop is geared for:

  • Entrepreneurs and decision-makers facing the challenge of organizing in the current stormy times. 
  • Those interested in the future of work/organizations and how to best bring this forward.
  • Internal and external consultants (Organization Development and Organization Design).
  • Those doing systemic change or transformation work in organizations.
  • Those interested in the transition from a mechanistic to an organic understanding of work.
  • The next generation of organization designers.

16:00 - 19:00


The crucial art and practice of work Facilitation

Learn about the emerging and crucial role of the Facilitator in enabling any organization to navigate complexity through human potential.

Supported languages:
English, Italian

There is an increasing need to get work teams and organizations to perform at their full potential. 

Among the many well-established proposals of coaches, trainers and consultants, a seemingly new figure is increasingly making its way to foster better group work: the facilitator. 

Knowing tools and methodologies is part of the job, but the world’s best toolbox is not enough. Facilitators know how to get to the heart of the culture and people, moving their energy to make things actually happen. It takes more than a book to learn that. 

We will explore both why the role of the facilitator is now vital, and the pragmatism of its tools and capabilities.

Who really is a facilitator? What do they do? How do they fit into organizational structures and processes? 

This workshop is geared for:

  • Those in leadership roles who want to  develop the full potential of their team.
  • Coaches, trainers and consultants who deal with group management.
  • Those interested in the evolution of team dynamics, in any context.
  • Who want to find more effective ways to manage meetings and gatherings.
  • Those who find themselves having to work to resolve conflicts.
  • Those who experience ineffective work dynamics want to learn about. new possibilities
  • Anyone who wants to generate effective spaces for conversation and collaboration.

19:00 - 19:30

We’ll all be a bit tired at 7pm, and yet full of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and energy. No better way to make sense of this and properly close the space, than spending a few minutes all together in the plenary space.

Back in the plenary space where we started, we’ll use the last half an hour to share with each other the highlights of the day, and a few steps coming in the near future. 



We want to make the Choice Conference 2021 as effective a possible, while also being as inclusive as possible. Thus, here follow two different ticket solutions. Hurry up to secure your seat to the 27th event in Milan!

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Full ticket

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With the “Full ticket” you will have full access to the 27th event in Milan. This ticket will also allow you to support the Choice Conference 2021, thank you for your contribution!

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Curious to find a “beat” nearby and be part of this global polycentric event? This map shows all the local Beats, including their organizers and locations all around the world, so that you’ll be able to contact them  to find out more. 


Gather the people you know that care about shaping a better future, and spend a few hours exploring the decade shift with them. Then be part of a global narrative by sharing what emerges in your local Beat

What is shifting in this change of decade? What do we see comingIt only takes a minimum of 5 people from the same territory, gathering online or offline for a minimum of 2 hours on November 26

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